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Quit Hate Movement 2017 is a people's movement against hate, bigotry & communal violence

Quit Hate Movement


It’s time we put a stop to hate

Every day millions of people across the globe fall victims to hate crimes. It is unfortunate that human lives have lost importance over religious, caste and racial differences. Where are we heading as a society, time has come to introspect and act before it gets too late.

The Quit Hate Movement 2017 is a mass movement against HATE to make this world a better place where affection should be of paramount value, leaving no room for HATE.





To unite the people of India with global community, creating a network of people who believe that Love and only love can counter HATE, thus creating a society that appreciates the differences instead of using them as tool of division or violence.

Why this Movement

Hate has delved deep into our lives, changing our psychology and terribly affecting our traditional values of peace, love and respect for each other. As humans, are we rightly using our conscience? Why there’s so much of hate in the land of Mahatma, who always advocated peace, humanity and non-violence and where this hatred will lead us to?

Only together through collective efforts, we can eliminate “HATE” from our lives. It is high time to join hands and stand against hatred!


Let the Hate not Blur Us Out! No Society can last without Love.

Let the peace prevail! No development will sustain until there is peace, harmony and humanity.

Let the peace prevail! No development will be sustainable until there is peace, harmony and humanity. Let the people of all races, religions, social classes and orientations co-exist with love and respect.

Let’s call for the biggest mass movement against Hate “By the People, For the People”.


Break Your Silence. Quit Hate!
Join the Quit Hate Movement 2017